Girl Solo Kicking Ball

By Jeremy Butler 

We are passionate about getting girls to play football here at ALDI MiniRoos because we know how good the game is at putting smiles on faces as well as improving girls’ health and developing their social skills.

That is why we want to encourage more areas to start up Girls Only leagues, so there are places for your children to play.

As part of our plans we are launching a new pilot project working with FNSW and Bankstown District Amateur Football Association (BDAFA) to introduce an under 6 Girls Only competition that starts in March 2017.

The initiative is aimed at creating more girls only playing opportunities, with the ultimate goal of increasing female participation.

Boffins have worked out that the majority of girls prefer to play with their friends against teams made up purely of girls.

Shane Merry, General Manager of BDAFA, has highlighted the Association’s desire ‘to increase female participation in football’ and is excited about the launch of the project.

BDAFA have committed to running an under 6 Girls Only competition and expect good demand from players and clubs to enter teams, once the competition is established.

ALDI MiniRoos is hoping this initiative will ultimately spark other Associations to develop junior Girls Only competitions across Australia. 

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