IMG_4298 JackThe introduction of the AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off program across Australia got off to a great start! During the pre-season we have seen more than 75 children introduced to 
football, with Berowra FC (NSW), Melville FC (WA) and Capital Football (ACT) being the first to introduce this successful program to their clubs. 


Children between the ages of 4-9 years have enjoyed making new friends and learning new skills throughout the 6 week program.  Each Kick-Off program has qualified coaches with Berowra using their current under 17s players as coaches to develop their skills while passing on their knowledge of the game to the younger generation.



Moving into the winter period we have over a hundred clubs registered to deliver AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off and over 175,000 participants currently registered to AIA Vitality MiniRoos Club Football across the country. Football is growing in all aspects within Australia  and the AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off programs are a great way for your children to get  involved.  To find out where your nearest AIA Vitality MiniRoos Kick-Off program is click here.





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