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By Jeremy Butler

Stockton Sharks were rewarded for increasing football participation in Newcastle by a visit from our Northern NSW Football’s ALDI MiniRoos squad.

The Sharks have increased in size from 19 teams in 2016 to 30 teams in 2017, and have done a remarkable job in attracting girls to the game – racking up a 500% increase in girls numbers from last year.

ALDI MiniRoos Coordinator, Tom Oldaker, and Female Participation Officer, Nyssa Suchanow, from Northern NSW Football took along the ALDI MiniRoos Chipping Challenge to treat the club’s ALDI MiniRoos stars and watched them score goal after goal!

ALDI also provided free fruit and bottles of sunscreen for the kids and popped up a marquee to provide some shade from the sun.

To learn more about the opportunities open to ALDI MiniRoos affiliated clubs and the opportunity to run ALDI MiniRoos Kick-Off programs, please contact your local association or Member Federation.

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