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What are parents saying about ALDI MiniRoos?  Take a look.

Melissa Ellul Dos Santos: Our four girls love being ALDI MiniRoos they absolutely love the game. They have learnt about teamwork, friendships, working, training hard and being extremely committed!!

Karen Dobrincic: My son loves being an ALDI MiniRoo. There's no telling him to get up on soccer mornings ... he can't wait to get outside and on the field with his team mates!

Lyndal Sterenberg: The passion of ALDI Miniroos volunteers is mirrored by ours kids on the pitch. Nothing beats a touch, pass, cross and a goal - the spirit of teamwork running through their veins. That's why my son loves it!

Joanne Fredrickson: Hayden loves ALDI MiniRoos because it's well graded and he ends up in a team where all the players are equally matched and contribute as a team. Everyone is engaged, improving every week and loving their football.

Danielle Mather: ALDI MiniRoos has taught my children not only the skills of Football, but the skills of teamwork, friendship and being healthy. All essential for a fulfilled life!

Tim Winter: Fun, friends and keeping healthy. Alexis loves football doesnt matter if its training, games or backyard. She always has to have a ball at her feet.

Renee Osburne: I have three children playing ALDI Miniroos and they love it! They've met life long friends, been mascots, played at half-time for the Mariners and Matildas and also the Socceroos. It can't get any better than that!!

Sean Boulton: Saturday morning has never been the same since my boys have started ALDI MiniRoos! Their gear is packed on Friday night, and my youngest boy even sleeps in his gear ready for the next day.

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