Benefits Of ALDI Miniroos

By Andrew Newton

It can get hot out there for little kids playing football, so make sure you have made preparations to keep them cool.

We recommend children wear hats if they are running around in the sun and don’t forget the sun screen.

There are also plenty of ways to keep them cool during their activity breaks as well.

Here are some of our favourites.

1) Buy a team water cooler and fill it with ice and water. Make sure there are some cups on hand for those little ones without a water bottle.

2) Head to the shops on the way to the game, buy a bag of frozen ice blocks and stick them in an Esky with ice so the kids can come and grab a cooling treat post game

3) Pick up a good value fan and have it set up in the change rooms or by the side of the playing field if you have power, to provide a quick burst of refreshing cool air.

4) Look around the playing field for areas in the shade to practice under to help reduce exposure to the sun.

5) Fill a spray bottle with cold water and give your kid a squirt when they come over to you for a drink

6) Ensure your child is wearing light colour clothing. Black soaks up the sun so try and find white tops if possible and make sure they are made out of a light breathable fabric.

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