Everyone benefits from ALDI MiniRoos!

Benefits to boys & girls 

The smaller fields, modified rules and fewer players mean a more enjoyable game with many more chances to score plenty of goals! The benefits of such an engaging and active experience include:

  • Development of fundamental motor skills;
  • Development of social skills through peer interactions;
  • Develop values of team work, cooperation, fair play, and respect for others; 
  • Develop a child's ability to make quick decisions and improve reaction time; and
  • Health and wellbeing benefits from regular participation in MiniRoos games; 

Boys & girls also have the opportunity to play ALDI MiniRoos during half-time of selected Hyundai A-League or Westfield W-League games throughout the summer football season, as well as international fixtures featuring our very own Socceroos & Matildas!

Benefits to parents

ALDI MiniRoos time is family time!

  • ALDI MiniRoos is conveniently operated at thousands of local clubs across the country, meaning parents shouldn't have to travel too far to be part of the ALDI MiniRoos experience;
  • Constant supervision for your children in a fun, safe, welcoming environment;
  • Enjoy a coffee with your friends in the club rooms or be part of the MiniRoos action with your son or daughter on the pitch.

Your ALDI MiniRoos experience can be anything you want it to be!

Benefits to the local community

ALDI MiniRoos helps build strong, active local communities that work together to ensure the health of future generations.

The local football club bringing you the ALDI MiniRoos experience is predominately operated by passionate, hard-working volunteers from your community. Volunteering for your community to support an activity your son or daughter is taking part in is truly a rewarding experience. Don't be shy to put your hand up and help out where possible. Many hands make light work!  




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